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Is SaaS the path to Mobile Enterprise vision?

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Analysts have proclaimed the advent of mobile enterprise and the vision of enterprise data being available on any device, anywhere are being spun like it is the next best thing to slice bread. As an enterprise executive, I would love to have information related to my work on the tips of my finger while I am traveling. However, there is a huge gap between the reality and the vision.

Peter Price, CEO of Webalo, hits the nail on its head when he says:

Despite claims to the contrary, the path between enterprise data and the handheld is littered with complexity, programmers, time, expense and frustration. The industry is desperate for a simple solution.

Peter goes on to offer a good and well-known solution, SaaS or Software as a Service. He argues in favor of SaaS versus other models like custom solutions and middleware solutions, citing development costs and time as reasons against these other models.

SaaS has a lot going for it that would make it an enticing solution for mobile enterprise. However, there are two major issue that SaaS has to overcome. That is the perception of a potential security and operational risk. Most enterprises today, still prefer to control their information assets under their internal controls. As such, SaaS has a long way to go to overcome this perception.

Another issue with SaaS is that they are designed as multi-tenent solution. As such, the features are meant to fit 80% of cases. To make it work for your particular enterprise, you would have to then customize, configure which increase costs and time. Thus negating the reasons why you would want to deploy SaaS in the first place.


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June 19, 2008 at 3:53 pm

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