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More ScreenShots of Blackberry 9500

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Over the weekend, Kevin Michauluk at Crackberry got hold of some early production photos of the new Blackberry Thunder. This time around, the photos are of the touch screen keyboard. It certainly looks cool, however, it remains to be seen what all the thumb-typers feel about using it in landscape more. The keyboard will be more spaced out and not help the email-addicts who send out thousands of email a day. Will we see increased incidence of the “Blackberry Thumb Syndrome”? In the potrait mode it is a whole different story. All Blackberry addicts will have to relearn using that keyboard as it still uses the QWERTY layout, however, each key is assigned to 2 letters. That is going to hurt. Looking forward to a few mis-typed emails from this Blackberry. 🙂


Written by dvdand

July 14, 2008 at 3:06 pm

Posted in Blackberry, Handsets, RIM

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