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Updates on iPhone and GPhone platform buildout

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InStat, a Scottsdale, Arizona based research company, is out with a new report outlining the efforts by Apple and Google to build groundswell for their respective platforms and in the process reshape the wireless industry. Apple is out of the gate with its iPhone phones. According to InStat, “Apple’s iPhone had ambitions to change the wireless industry. Now it looks like it will mostly sell a large number of very exciting phones.” It certainly looks like that, given the stranglehold the operators have on the mobile ecosystem. However, I think it is early days in this shakeout. Certainly, the operators are trying to keep all the other players on their toes by constantly upgrading their infrastructure and introducing new technologies like WiMAX, LTE, etc. However, the platform vendors and other software developers will soon catch up and be nimble enough to adapt to the changing environment.

Google, on the other hand, is a different story. As this recent ReadWriteWeb story goes, Android developers and even some Google engineers are real angry about the way the platform is evolving. In fact, a few of them have started a petition to get Google to publish the SDK so that the developers can start writing applications for it. There are several signers, as of last count, about 45 or so. In fact, one of them has given Google a deadline to publish the SDK by July end or he will switch to iPhone or Windows Mobile. Now, we know Google will eventually publish the SDK at the time of their liking.

But the real question is will it ever get out of the beta phase. Except for Google Search, not one product is out of beta phase at Google (this does not include acquisitions). So, given this track record, do we really expect them to take the SDK out of beta phase ever. If that is indeed the case, will the average consumer be willing to buy a device that is running on a platform that is constantly being upgraded and never productionalized?


Written by dvdand

July 15, 2008 at 10:46 am

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