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Nokia takes on Apple and RIM

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Yesterday, Nokia announced its 2nd quarter 2008 results. The results were impressive to say the least. The company sold over 1 million phones a day in Q2. Let me repeat, 1 million phones a day! Not over a weekend or 2 days. It made 1.4 billion euros in profit on revenues of 13.15 million euros for the quarter. It also increased its device sales forecast for the rest of 2008 stating that the mobile device market globally was up 10% over 2007.

However, the most exciting part of the presentation, if you can call it that given the nature of these calls, was the announcements of new devices for the remainder of the year.  First off, Nokia is working on several touch screen models aimed at all segments of the market that it plans on bringing out later this year. Secondly,  take a look at the devices below taken from the 2nd quarter earnings call presentation. There are a couple of devices that take on both Apple and RIM directly.

Nokia N96, which is an upgrade to the popular N95, will come with 16 GB memory, Mobile TV access, microSD card slot, and host of other features which put the iPhone 3G to shame. Granted, the N96 does not have touch screen, but it has a lot of other oomph that a lot of folks would consider and at a cheaper price-point than iPhone 3G. 

Nokia also takes on RIM with its E71 product which looks like the Blackberry Bold, but is sleeker, weighs less, has longer lasting battery and better 3.2Mpxl camera than the 2Mpxl camera in Blackberry Bold.




Written by dvdand

July 18, 2008 at 9:26 am

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