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A smartphone from an unexpected manufacturer

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Here is a smartphone from a manufacturer not known to make phones, but rather PCs and laptops; Lenovo. Lenovo Mobile that is. First lets clarify two things: this is not a the first phone from Lenovo Mobile. It has been making and selling phones in the Chinese market for a while now. Second, even though the company is named Lenovo Mobile, it not the same company that makes the PCs and laptops. It used to be part of the Lenovo group, but in January 2008, Lenovo sold its mobile division to a private investor but the new company retains the Lenovo Mobile name.

Now, to the phone. The Lenovo Mobile P960 is touchscreen phone with 2.8 inches display, microSD slot and 1.3Mpxl camera. Now, you will say why waste the ink on writing about such a mediocre phone. The reason for that is it includes a fingerprint recognition technology that is suppose to protect sensitive data. In addition, it also has a special “VIP recording” feature that automatically records phone calls from designated numbers.


Written by dvdand

August 14, 2008 at 6:30 pm

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