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HTC Dream G1 slimmer than iPhone?

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Correction: According to AndroidGuys, the G1 will have Bluetooth on board. However, there will not be an API available for developers to program the Bluetooth feature.

The HTC Dream G1 which has cleared the FCC hurdle is slimmer than iPhone. While G1 measures 115 x 55-mm, the iPhone measures 115.2-mm x 62.1-mm. However, because the G1 has a keyboard, it will be thicker than the iPhone. Despite these dimensions, the G1 is not the slimmest touch phone. That honor goes to another HTC product, the Touch Diamond which is 102 x 51-mm. The G1 should be launching on T-Mobile in the next few months. You can read the reviews and photos here and here. Thanks to the photo from AndroidGuys, you can see what to expect in the phone, including the slight tilt at the bottom and a trackball like Blackberry. However, as I had mentioned earlier, Google was having trouble trying to get all the features into the Android OS. Well, today, Dan Morrill, a Developer Advocate for Android, wrote on Android Developer Blog that they were not able to include the Bluetooth and GTalkService will not make it on the 1st version of the OS. Now, for those of us living in states and countries that have hands-free laws while driving, what are we to do?


Written by dvdand

August 26, 2008 at 12:00 pm

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