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A cuddly phone to snuggle up

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For all of you who like to snuggle up to their phones and talk the night away, here is something that is cuddly and cute if you are into this stuff. Willcom, a Japanese mobile service provider is showing the Kuma Phoneat the Good Design Expo 2008 in Japan, according to Trends in Japan. The Kuma Phone (Bear phone in Japanese) is a teddy bear that can make mobile phones using an embedded SIM card and you can make or receive calls by holding the bear up to your face just like a regular phone. The bear can be programmed to store 4 phone numbers, one for each paw, and you dial the number by squeezing the paw. The bear vibrates and plays custom ring tones when a phone call is received. To answer the phone, press the tail :). All these features, do come at a price which is listed at approximately $500.

Willcom also has a colorful candybar phone called the Nico.Marble. This phone is targeted for women looking for a cute phone with basic functionality.


Written by dvdand

August 29, 2008 at 7:04 pm

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