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Microsoft working on a Windows Mobile Marketplace

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It appears Microsoft was laboring hard over the Labor Day weekend in the US. It had two major annoucements, one of which is related to this blog the other is not. The first announcement which is not related to this blog, is that Microsoft is taking the fight to Google in the search engine space. MS acquired  Greenfield Online, owner of Europe’s largest shopping price comparison website This deal is for a cool $486 million and is hoping to attach Google’s weakness: product search and price comparison.

The other announcement which is big is that Microsoft will have a Windows Mobile marketplace called Microsoft Skymarket similar to the Apple App Store and Android Marketplace. However, unlike the iPhone marketplace or the Android Marketplace where they had to wait for developers to develop the software, Microsoft already has 20,000+ applications for its Windows Mobile platform. So, the interesting thing to look out for is how many will be available through Skymarket and how easy will it be for developers to add more. The Skymarket will be available on Windows Mobile 7 platform as an on-device marketplace with OTA download and purchase.


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