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Symbian meets iPhone challenge head on

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Symbian yesterday released its 1st half 2008 and 2nd quarter 2008 performance. It had robust growth in 2008 with 10% increase in units shipped year over year from 34.6m to 38.1m units and 5% increase in Q2 from 18.7m to 19.6m units. It also increased the number of handset models in the 1st half of 2008 by 30% to 159 models. At the end of Q2, seven Symbian licensees had 92 phone models in development, an increase of 48% on Q2 2007 (62 models) – the highest ever achieved. All the growth in 2nd quarter resulted in Symbian keeping its leading status with 6.4% of 304m handsets sold in Q2 that Gartner reported

So, lets see how it did against Apple. In Q2 2008, Apple shipped 717,000 iPhones compared to 270,000 in Q2 of 2007, a 166% increase. However, in terms of market share, this amounts to only 0.2% of the 304m handsets sold. Another important area of revenue for both companies is applications marketplace. While Apple has upward of 2500 applications in its App Store, Symbian without a similar marketplace, has nearly 10,000 applications.

As you can see Symbian is holding its own against the iPhone challenge and is in fact growing. With Nokia’s decision to buy out its other partners in Symbian and to open source the OS, I see a very healthy and strong future for Symbian, not to mention a formidible competitor.


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September 3, 2008 at 8:05 am

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