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Vodafone to give away Blackberry Storm for free

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With the launch announcement today, Vodafone is going to give away Blackberry Storm for free to their British customers who sign up for an 18 month contract of £35 or more monthly tariff, according to the UK based Times newspaper. The Times also got to play with the phone which they feel is heavier and thicker than other touchscreen devices, yet it is easy to use and looks stylish and sleek. Times also did a quick compare of the various touchscreen phones which you can see below:

iPhone 3G

Pros – Links to your iTunes music player, can download thousands of applications, and gives super-fast access to the internet. It remains the best and most beautiful of all the touchscreens.

Cons – Remains expensive and costs up to £399. Has suffered some glitches with phone and internet connection in the past, though Apple are fixing these problems fast.

T-Mobile G1

Pros – Runs on Android, Google’s operating system for mobiles, which promises to give access to thousands of applications that have not been censored in advance (unlike the iPhone). Has a slide-out qwerty keyboard, which is better for typing than a touchscreen.

Cons – Looks and feels plastic and chunky. Android remains an untested format and it may be better bet to wait for other phone-makers to build better phones for the new software.

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic or “Tube”

Pros: Its unlimited music service gives access to millions of tracks, so may be the best rival to the iPhone for music lovers. It supports handwriting, allowing you can to use a pen stylus to write on the touchscreen.

Cons: Reasonably expensive at around £220. Only 8GB of memory, so even if you downloaded thousands of tracks, you would not be able to play them all on the device.

Blackberry Storm

Pros: New touchscreen which can be pressed down like a keyboard, solving the problem of typing fast on a screen without making constant errors.

Cons: Thick and reasonably heavy. It might be even more ideal for the office worker, but doesn’t seem to offer anything other slicker-looking touchscreen phones don’t already do.

Now, lets hope Verizon Wireless follows its parent’s lead and gives away the phone.


Written by dvdand

October 8, 2008 at 7:35 am

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