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Cox to become a wireless carrier

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Cox Communications, yesterday announced that it will launch an MVNO 3G network based on the Sprint’s EV-DO Rev A network. Today, Cable Digital News interviewed Stephen Bye, Cox’s Vice President of Wireless. In the interview, it became clear that Cox has designs beyond just becoming an MVNO. It is planning on integrating its wireless offering with its traditional cable offerings.

However, Cox has much larger plans. It is working on developing its own 3G network based off of Sprint’s network and promises seamless customer experience across both networks. In parallel, it is also developing its own customer service, back office, product integration, branding, supported devices, packaging, and product plans.

That is just for a start. Cox is eyeing the coming LTE transition and wants to position itself for it.  It already has the AWS license that it acquired in 2006 and also the 700MHz license that it won in a recent auction. It plans to leverage these spectrum licenses as part of the LTE field trials which Bye says will start in 2009.

It is clear from Bye’s interview that Cox has decided that its future is in wireless. According to Bye,

Clearly wireless voice is important today and will be important in the future. We think there’s a new frontier… which is mobile data services and being able to take that broadband experience out of the home and take it with you

Considering it is the third cable provider behind Comcast and Time Warner, Cox may have decided that they might not want to be in the cable business. They see opportunity in the wireless business and when mobile TV takes off, they see themselves in an ideal position to leverage their cable expertise in that arena too.


Written by dvdand

October 28, 2008 at 4:28 pm

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