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AT&T launches Blackberry Bold

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As if US election was not big enough news and the lines at the voting booth were not long enough, AT&T has gone ahead and launched Blackberry Bold. So, if you are deciding which line to wait in, fear not. AT&T has been patriotic enough to sell it to you over the web. So, you can just mosy over to their site and buy it online. However, before you do you need to know two things: First the Bold will cost you $299 with 2 year contract. Second and more importantly, do your civic duty, go stand in the line for voting and then come back home and reward yourself with a Bold for a job well done. Don’t tell me that the lines are too long. You would have waited in line to get the Bold or the iPhone or the G1 or the Blackberry Storm, wouldn’t you?


Written by dvdand

November 4, 2008 at 7:42 am

Posted in Blackberry, Handsets, RIM

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