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Finally, airlines go completely paperless

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aa_mobile-boarding-passToday, using technology airlines have pretty much automated the pre-flight process except for one thing: the boarding pass. As Greg Kumparak at Mobile Crunch says:

I’ve never lost a ticket, yet I consistently fear that I will. It’s just such an abnormal thing in our daily lives – when else are we given something to hang on to for a few hours that is so easy to lose or destroy, yet so significant in the success of our plans? Lose that ticket, and there’s a good chance queues and regulations might just make you miss your flight. Miss your flight, and you’ll be making up for it your entire trip.

Now, airlines have finally solved that issue and in the process saved thousands of trees. Both Continental and American Airlines are piloting programs wherein any cell phone that can receive and view web pages can be used to receive your digital boarding pass which TSA will scan to verify your identity. The Continental program has been in place since December at Boston’s Logan International Airport, Washington’s National Airport, Houston Airport and Newark International Airport. American Airlines is piloting their program at Chicago O’Hare, Los Angeles International and Santa Ana’s John Wayne/Orange County airports starting today. Now, if you are flying these airlines from the airports mentioned, just remember to charge your cellphone and don’t put it through the x-ray machine until your boarding pass has been verified.


Written by dvdand

November 17, 2008 at 11:50 am

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