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How does Blackberry Storm stack up against the Apple iPhone?

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storm_email_portrait-374x499The CIO magazine has done a very interesting comparision between the Apple iPhone and the RIM Blackberry Storm. Instead of arguing for one over the other, they have put up reasons in two separate articles outlining the strengths of each phone and letting the readers decide. Though these articles do not break new ground, as one reader mentions, they just help someone, who has already made up their mind about one or the other,  articulate the reasons why one is better than other. For reasons why Blackberry Storm is better than Apple iPhone, click here. For reasons why Apple iPhone is better than Blackberry Storm, click here.

In summary, here are the reasons in reverse order, why Storm is better than iPhone:

  1. Stereo Bluetooth capability
  2. Removable battery
  3. Expandable memory
  4. Video recording
  5. Works as a tethered modem
  6. Tactile feedback
  7. Copy and paste
  8. Multitasking

apple-iphone-intelligent-keyboard-on-screen-demonstrationAnd, here are the reasons, again in reverse order, why Apple iPhone is better than the Blackberry Storm:

  1. It’s now second-generation
  2. Built-in memory
  3. iTunes App Store
  4. iTunes integration
  5. Full QWERY (virtual) keyboard
  6. Wi-Fi support
  7. iPod media player
  8. Safari browser

I have to disagree with the CIO magazine on one point. According to them, the Apple’s virtual full QWERTY keyboard which is available in both landscape and potrait modes,  is one reason in favor of the iPhone. However, I feel that for use with touch, it is difficult to type on a full QWERTY keyboard in potrait mode. There can be numerous errors due to small keys in potrait mode and a new user would not fare any better than using the SureType keyboard found on the Blackberry Storm.

[Via Apple 2.0 Blog on Fortune]


Written by dvdand

November 17, 2008 at 1:38 pm

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