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Palm to launch new OS and device at CES

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Palm is working on a new OS for mobile phones and plans to launch a new OS, code-named Nova, and device based on it at the Consumer Electronics Show next month in Las Vegas, according to BusinessWeek. Not much is known about the OS at this point, however, Palm is pitching this OS as the “fat middle of the market” between the business-centric Blackberry OS and consumer-centric iPhone OS. From a certain perspective, it makes sense to have control over the OS that runs on your devices. However, Palm is no Apple or Google or Microsoft or Symbian. It needs to focus its energies on developing interesting devices like HTC and not worry about the OS.

This to me and others who have been following this industry for a while is a sense of coming a full circle. It was some 10-12 years back when Palm had to split its OS and device units to survive in face of stiff competition and its failure to adapt to market changes. Lets hope they have learnt their lessons and will execute fast as the company needs it, having lost nearly 80% of its stock price. I am guessing that this is a gamble on part of the management to launch an OS and intice some buyers who might be interested in getting a platform and devices. If that is the case, lets hope for Palm investors’ sake, that it survives long enough to execute this plan.

[Via Engadget Mobile, Boy Genius Report]


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December 15, 2008 at 8:21 am

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