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Apple, LG & RIM get high customer satisfaction marks: JD Power

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J.D. Power & Associates released its annual Wireless Customer Satisfaction survey. Apple scored big, being the leader in both personal and business smartphone categories. RIM came in second in the business smartphone categories and LG was the runner-up in the personal smartphone category. Personally, I am skeptical of these ratings, as it only considers one piece of the package as customer experience is also based on the network, quality of sound, etc. But, for what it is worth, it points out what we all know which is that Apple is clearly the benchmark against which every other phone is judged. Secondly, looking at the factors considered, there is no mention of tethering or connectivity to corporate email in the business smartphone category. So, I am not putting too much weight on those.

via by Michelle Ruhfass on 10/8/09

J.D. Power has released two new studies on cell phone and smartphone satisfaction that shows Apple, LG, and RIM as the big winners.
Read the full story here.


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October 8, 2009 at 12:45 pm

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