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Hey Sports Fan, get your Pumas on!

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Puma along with Sagem is getting ready to announce a sports-centric, solar powered cell phone at the next week’s Mobile World Congress. According to the teaser site, this phone will have a solar-panel at the back and a solar-meter app. In addition, it cannot be a sports-centric phone without some sport-centric apps like pedometer, bike and run tracking meter, sports-news app, and apps to access PUMA World, the online Puma Community, Puma branded games and product info. It also has conventional smartphone apps like video chat and photo sharing, which implies dual cameras – front and back, gps, and a “music turntable”. You can see the teaser site here.  No word on OS, release date or pricing yet.

[Via MobileCrunch]

Written by dvdand

February 11, 2010 at 8:00 am

New innovation turns a mobile phone into a mobile medical lab

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Here is a cool invention that turns an ordinary Sony Ericsson cellphone into a mobile medical lab. Professor Aydogan Ozcan of UCLA used off-the-shelf parts costing $50 to produce remarkable images of particles in a small sample of fluid. The amazing thing about this is that the cellphone can be loaded with accompanying algorithm that can then count microparticles in the photo faster than a human can. Alternately, the photos can be sent to a lab using the cellphone which can further analyze the sample and send a text message back with results. This innovation has immediate application in field medicine, disaster recovery efforts, and scores of rural and developing nations where there are fewer hospitals and healthcare is harder to reach.

Written by dvdand

February 3, 2009 at 9:27 pm

US mobile phone market declines: NPD Group

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NPD Group, a market research company specializing in wireless industry, announced that US consumer mobile phone market declined by 13% year over year in Q2 2008. The mobile phone industry shipped 28 million phones to US consumers during that period. However, on the bright side, the average selling price (ASPs) increased by 14% to $84 during the quarter. Also, digging into the numbers further, the sales of feature-rich phones accounted for bulk of the sales, with keyboard equipped phones sales doubling over same quarter last year.

As far as the manufacturers go, Motorola maintained a small edge over Samsung and LG, accounting for 21% of the market while Samsung and LG were tied at 20%. These three were followed by Nokia at 9% and RIM at 7%.

The carriers share of the market breaks down as follows:

AT&T – 29%
Verizon Wireless – 26%
Sprint – 11%
T-Mobile – 11%

Written by dvdand

August 19, 2008 at 6:30 pm

Is Microsoft Zune Phone in works?

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Gizmodo is reporting today that Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, hinted in a memo to employees, about a possible Zune Phone in the works. Here is what the memo says:

· Apple: In the competition between PCs and Macs, we outsell Apple 30-to-1. But there is no doubt that Apple is thriving. Why? Because they are good at providing an experience that is narrow but complete, while our commitment to choice often comes with some compromises to the end-to-end experience. Today, we’re changing the way we work with hardware vendors to ensure that we can provide complete experiences with absolutely no compromises. We’ll do the same with phones—providing choice as we work to create great end-to-end experiences.

So, is Microsoft working on a Zune mobile phone? Or even yet-to-be-branded mobile phone? Drop me a line here if you have any other information. I promise, I won’t tell 🙂

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Written by dvdand

July 24, 2008 at 3:22 pm

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