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Dell eyeing the smartphone market

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Wall Street Journal, yesterday, reported that Dell is set to enter the smartphone market (subscription required).  Dell has been making prototypes based on Android and Windows Mobile platforms for more than a year.  The plans are still up in the air and Dell could decide not to enter the market after all. If it does go ahead, the announcement likely to come at the Mobile World Congress next month.

If Delll does decide to enter the market, in my opinion, it should stay for the long haul and innovate to make money.It should also look at some of the Japanese manufacturers, not just look at Apple, as the report suggests.  Being just another cell phone provider will not cut it, as Motorola and Palm can attest. Based on Dell’s track record, it will have to be head and shoulders better than in the PC business to survive.

Written by dvdand

January 30, 2009 at 8:21 am

LG became the third largest mobile phone shipper in 2008

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According to DigiTimes who compiled the list of world wide shippment of mobile phones, LG has overtaken Motorola, albeit barely, by shipping 100 million mobile phones compared to 99.9 million for Motorola. 2009 promises to be a competitive year for both of these manufacturers with Motorola shipping several devices to Verizon this year and LG has promised to have 100 different devices shipped this year too.
The top 5 shippers of mobile phones for 2008 (with millions of units) were:
Nokia – 470
Samsung – 200
LG – 100
Motorola – 99.9
Sony Ericsson 96.6

This means that the top 5 manufacturers shipped nearly a billion phones in 2008.

[Via Boy Genius Report]

Written by dvdand

January 20, 2009 at 9:02 pm

Samsung edges Motorola for largest phone vendor in US

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In a recent study done by Strategy Analytics, a market research firm, of the US mobile phone market, the vendor landscape has changed significantly. Motorola has lost its #1 spot which it held since 2004. Samsung has overtaken it and LG is close behind. Here are the top 3 handset vendors according to Strategy Analytics:

  • Samsung 22.4%
  • Motorola 21.1%
  • LG – 20.5%

Also in the report, RIM continues to maintain double digit market share in US for second straight quarter. Apple is in the 6th position and Nokia has lost some market share and is now at 8.4%.

[Via Reuters]

Written by dvdand

November 7, 2008 at 7:25 am

Motorola to hitch its fortune to Android

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In a major change in strategy, Wall Street Journal is reporting that Motorola’s new CEO Shanjay Jha has decided that going forward it will streamline on three OSs for its phones. He will announce these changes as early as today during the earnings call. Motorola will use Google’s Android platform for its consumer targeted smartphones, ditching Symbian OS. It will uses its own P2K OS for feature phones and for the business focused phones, it will use Microsoft Windows Mobile platform.  Also, Motorola is looking to outsource some of its Window Mobile based phone production to third parties. Motorola is expected to release its first Android-based, social networking focused smartphone in Q2, 2009.

Let’s hope the struggling Motorola can find its mojo with these changes. However, I am not optimistic about their chances. As I recently wrote, the mobile industry is starting to face some headwinds which are expected to get stronger in 2009. Just today, BusinessWeek reported that according to a survey by mobile application portal GetJar, 76% of users globally are actively looking to reduce their wireless bills and 78% are delaying their new phone purchase.

[Via UnwiredView]

Written by dvdand

October 29, 2008 at 12:11 pm

Verizon Kraves for touch

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Given that Verizon is the only major carrier that does not have a full touchscreen phone, it had to do something. Amidst all the brouhaha around Blackberry Storm and its impending launch, Verizon found time to launch the Motorola Krave ZN4, the “FIRST INTERACTIVE CLEAR FLIP, FULL-TOUCH PHONE.” Like the touchscreen clamshell launched by Samsung, the Krave has two touch screen. However, unlike the Samsung SCH-570, the two screens are not back-to-back, instead one on the outside and the second on the inside, where the keyboard typically is in other flip phones. The main screen is 2.8 inches haptic touchscreen with 240 X 400 resolution. In addition, it has a 2Mpxl Camera, 3.5mm headset jack, HTML browser, and an accelerometer. The Krave is available now at $149 with 2-year contract and $50 mail-in rebate.

Written by dvdand

October 15, 2008 at 2:22 pm

Motorola takes on Blackberry Bold

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Motorola is working on its Blackberry competitor called the Q11. This is a Windows Mobile phone with 3Mpxl camera, QWERTY keyboard, Wi-Fi and GPS. Beyond that, the phone is still a mystery with no launch date, pricing or which networks will launch it. Here are some spy photos from Mobility Today, via UnwiredView.

Written by dvdand

September 25, 2008 at 7:49 am

US mobile phone market declines: NPD Group

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NPD Group, a market research company specializing in wireless industry, announced that US consumer mobile phone market declined by 13% year over year in Q2 2008. The mobile phone industry shipped 28 million phones to US consumers during that period. However, on the bright side, the average selling price (ASPs) increased by 14% to $84 during the quarter. Also, digging into the numbers further, the sales of feature-rich phones accounted for bulk of the sales, with keyboard equipped phones sales doubling over same quarter last year.

As far as the manufacturers go, Motorola maintained a small edge over Samsung and LG, accounting for 21% of the market while Samsung and LG were tied at 20%. These three were followed by Nokia at 9% and RIM at 7%.

The carriers share of the market breaks down as follows:

AT&T – 29%
Verizon Wireless – 26%
Sprint – 11%
T-Mobile – 11%

Written by dvdand

August 19, 2008 at 6:30 pm