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WSJ reviews HTC Touch Diamond

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Wall Street Journal yesterday reviewed the HTC Touch Diamond and in the process confirmed that it was headed for Sprint and also the price $250 (after $100 mail-in rebate) with 2-year contract. Now, we knew that the Touch Diamond was headed to Sprint and was due out in September and possibly in red. We also knew that Best Buy will carry it and its price will be in $299 range. However, per Katherine Boehret of AllThingDigital blog at WSJ, Sprint price will be lower than Best Buy’s. However, this is the first hand-on review of the device. Katherine is not impressed with the device and according to her the device

hide the outdated (Windows Mobile) operating system well enough or often enough for a user to want to buy a whole new mobile device


Written by dvdand

September 4, 2008 at 7:35 am

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